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All you need to fly

Lab Ideas


It's very busy here. Maybe you don't see them, but they're experts in their positions. They will clear your project for a trip on the highest flight levels of sales, and do it with a smile too. Consumer competitions, tastings and events with an individual approach in first class.

Green Therapy


Make yourself comfortable and relax, we will prepare the catering. We will serve your product precisely to that person interested in it. But we will also offer it to someone who for the time being just fancies something. Tomorrow he'll ask for it himself. We know the media, and the ways and forms to use in order to achieve it.

Support Team


Sometimes take-off requires a surprising manoeuvre. But naturally this will require that you burn more fuel and have the courage to overcome the overloading. If you have it, we'll give your projects reheat in the form of guerrilla or viral campaigns. Please fasten your seatbelts, it's about to get noisy.

graphic design

professional in-house graphic design studio – art direction, DTP

in-store & POP promotion

consumer contests, tastings, hostesses, rack navigation, secondary display, cooperation with chains


auction system for the best price from proven supplier, large-volume contracts in Asia

guerilla marketing

tailor-made projects, communication in unconventional places using unconventional forms

event marketing

tailor-made events, product launch, roadshows, and presentations at festivals, conferences, exhibitions

viral marketing

projects to be communicated among the target group by the target group itself


creation of www sites, microsites, social media, direct e-mailing/p>

media and PR

project promotion in media, monitoring of the competitors, cooperation with press

integrated marketing

design and processing of marketing strategies, 360º communication mix, consultancy

About US

Riders in the sky

The AIRBUZZ personal jumbo jet consists of a team of professional who every day look after clients, their brands and their products.
They have one aim: to transport them in comfort to their destination. Failure does not exist. Introducing the key members of our crew:
Team Profile Image

Thousands of flying hours, hundreds of safe take-offs and smooth landings. He handles turbulence without a drop in the figures, and crosswinds from the competition do not blow him off course. Are you flying with David? Then it's OK.

Team Profile Image
Crew Director

She knows everything that's going on. She will send your product to the right runway for take-off, and free up the right runway for your new project to land on. Jana keeps it under control.

Team Profile Image
Aircraft innovator

Each disruption of the flight schedule represents a challenge for him. He carefully monitors trends and technology and converts them into innovative solutions. Lubor will always dispatch your product in the most modern aircraft.

Team Profile Image
Airbuzz designer

Using her natural aesthetic, she gives projects their forms, colours and functional elements. Acknowledged by passengers, competitors and experts. If it looks good, someone did it well. If it looks brilliant, Veronika did it.


What our clients say!


Some of our clients

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Interested in flying with us?

AIRBUZZ, s. r. o.
nám. I. P. Pavlova 1789/5
120 00 Praha 2, Česká republika
Tel.: +420 222 559 566
E-mail: info@airbuzz.cz
E-mail: david.sobotka@airbuzz.cz

Company head office:
Praha 4 - Chodov, Jažlovická 1320/28, PSČ 149 00
IČ: 24260541
The company is registered in the Commercial Register of the Municipal Court in Prague,
under section C, file No. 197631

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